VIDEO: Why Grace Ice and Water Shield® is Better

"Grace Ice & Water Shield® has the best adhesion to the roof deck", said one Wisconsin contractor who uses the GCP Applied Technologies roofing underlay on construction sites. "You will not have problems with ice damming, leaks, wind-driven rain… anything like that".

Because it doesn't have a granular finish, like competitors, Grace Ice & Water Shield® adheres to itself well. You'll have nice watertight laps.

"One of the really nice things about the Grace Ice & Water Shield® is that it comes with a Ripcord® feature", Wisconsin construction site lead Justin Borgwardt said. "If you're installing flashing in a valley or putting it up against an intersecting wall, the Ripcord® allows you to put down half on one side of the valley, peel the paper off, stick one side down and leave the other paper on so that you can adjust and move things around. It's so easy to use compared to traditional (products)".

Grace Ice & Water Shield® is 100 percent rubberised asphalt. Any fasteners that go through it are sealed and waterproof.

Since 1978, Grace Ice & Water Shield® has outperformed the competition because it seals to itself, seals around fasteners and fastens to the roof deck better than any other roofing underlayment.

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