Concrete Construction Using Cranes

About GCP Applied Technologies

A Focused Construction Products Technologies Company.

GCP Applied Technologies is a new company with a rich history.

In 2016, W.R. Grace separated into two independent public companies, Grace and GCP Applied Technologies. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, GCP Applied Technologies has over 50 years of industry expertise and decades of success in creating new product categories and markets.

Our portfolio of construction products includes concrete and cement additives, building materials and technologies that ensure specified quality and enhance business productivity. The world’s most successful architects, producers, builders and contractors insist on GCP brands and solutions for their construction projects.

GCP is focused on a steadily growing global construction industry. Through our Blue360sm Advantage we help customers solve some of the most complex construction challenges in residential and commercial building, infrastructure and underground construction.

Recent innovations include the breakthrough VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management System, CONCERA™ Admixtures for Control Flow Concrete and SILCOR® Liquid Waterproofing. In addition, we are  advancing its commercial and regional success in the tunneling and mining segments with its TYTRO® Shotcrete System.

Our Values

  • Knowledge Applied - Our know-how and innovation deliver results.
  • Professional - We do things right and we do the right thing.
  • Focus - Our priorities are clear and aligned.
  • Outperform - We exceed expectations.
  • Customer Success - When our customers succeed, so do we.

A Foundation of Global Construction Leadership

GCP is helping the world build with confidence. We have customers in over 100 countries and 50 manufacturing locations. Our global presence ensures that customers receive high performance products that deliver layers of value and superior solutions enhanced by our Blue360sm way of thinking.

Our Brand Promise

We are inspired to influence the way the world is built.  We are dedicated to the development of high performance products, the continued pursuit of advancement in construction technologies, simplifying the complexities of construction worldwide and delivering value to our customers.

      The Blue360sm Advantage

      Blue360sm Advantage is an integrated offering of products, technologies and expertise.  Blue360sm Advantage offers GCP customers a unique business advantage and a customized suite of products, solutions and support designed to help optimize and grow their business.

      Five Blue360sm Advantages combine to create customer value:

      • Product Performance Advantage
      • Design Advantage
      • Field Advantage
      • Intelligence Advantage
      • Sustainability Advantage

      GCP is a key strategic supplier and partner to many leading companies in providing Specialty Construction Chemicals, Specialty Building Products and services. They trust us to provide the products, knowledge, data, technologies, services and people needed to make their products work better, their projects run smoothly and their business thrive.

      Blue360sm Product Performance Advantage

      High performance products are the backbone of GCP.  For more than 50 years, our products have protected infrastructure, buildings, homes and more. We solve complex construction problems with new and revolutionary products and solutions. Our portfolio of industry leading brands includes concrete and cement additives, waterproofing, air barriers, fire protection and leak remediation and repair products.

      You can find GCP products in almost every phase of a construction project. Our concrete, cement and aggregate products improve the quality of the material produced.  Better quality materials mean stronger, longer lasting roads, bridges, tunnels and foundations built to withstand the demands of modern infrastructure.  Our building envelope solutions shield residential homes and commercial structures from environmental and climate factors that cause degradation and damage.

      Blue360sm Product Performance Advantage.  Because every project, large or small, deserves the best level of protection.

      Blue360sm Design Advantage

      Our Design Advantage team brings together experts from across GCP to simplify the design build process.

      Our team leverages years of experience in urban project planning and collaborates with experts from across the organization.  From blueprint to build, we guide design professionals through product selection, specification and compatibility analysis as well as provide unmatched training and technical support.  Our mission is to ensure that the product selection provides the highest level of durability and performance while enabling building owners, architects and general contractors to save money and streamline resources through all phases of the project.

      Blue360sm Design Advantage. Everything you need in a single source.

      Blue360sm Field Advantage

      GCP Field Technicians have a deep understanding of their customers' businesses, fundamental operational issues and the unique challenges their customers face locally.  We collaborate in a variety of ways, from providing training at GCP locations or in the field at the construction site, to sharing data and analysis through technical consultations and trouble shooting.  Our customers rely on us every day for superior ongoing technical service and support.

      Blue 360sm Field Advantage.  Our team is your team.

      Blue360sm Intelligence Advantage

      The internet of things has changed the world. At GCP, we are varying the way that we solve today’s construction challenges. We are changing the industry with VERIFI® In-Transit Concrete Management. There is so much more where that came from.

      In our collaborative workspace, The PIT, we are hard at developing new ways to record and maintain data across the construction lifecycle.  We are creating simple methods to make business-relevant data available at our customer’s fingertips. We are in pursuit of smart ways to share intelligence that supports our customers and aids them to discover improvements in operational efficiency, product quality and material usage.

      Blue360sm Intelligence Advantage. Harnessing the power of data to transform the built environment.

      Blue360sm Sustainability Advantage

      We will provide products and services that meet our customers’ needs, while enabling them to reduce their use of natural resources and build stronger, smarter, structures that are safer, more energy efficient and durable.

      Blue360sm Sustainability Advantage.  Building with the world in mind.