Silcor® Liquid Waterproofing is Designed for Contractors

The ease of applying Silcor® 900HA liquid waterproofing will save you time, without sacrificing the integrity of the structure. It's fast-curing and foot-trafficable within 2 hours. The cold-applied formula requires no kettles, flames nor propane, and no additional protection against mechanical damage, in normal conditions.

Truly seamless

The elastometric design of the Silcor® accommodates movements and bridges concrete shrinkage cracks, for continuous waterproofing integrity. Easy detailing. No reinforcement needed. Virtually odourless.

Increased productivity

Hand-applied, at wide temperature and humidity ranges, for maximum coverage per day.

Faster construction

Fast cure property speeds up construction cycle.

Reduced failure risks

Fully-bonded waterproofing reduces risks of leakage.

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