See control flow concrete in action

Conventional concrete has long been the material of choice for some of the world’s largest building structures. It does, however, come with some headaches (not to mention backaches), due to the intense amount of labour involved with placing and finishing it. To alleviate these challenges, CONCERA® admixtures were created to enable the production of control flow concrete, a segregation-resistant, high flow concrete – enabling faster construction with less labour and equipment to place and finish. Offering a slump flow between conventional concrete and self-consolidating concrete, control flow concrete works well for horizontal slabs, elevated decks, as well as vertical walls and columns.

In this video, Evers Construction shows what control flow concrete is like in action. “We get a high flowing mix that goes around well around anchor bolt settings and rebar and finished well and holds together on slab,” said Randy Evers. “We like the ability to maintain a high slump with very low segregation that allows us to place the concrete without adding a lot of water or other admixtures. It flows very well and fills in voids with minimum vibrating.”

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